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In 25 January 2023, the CySEC has issued Circular C546 informing all the CIFs about the new development to their prudential reporting i.e. Form 165-01 for Class 2 CIFs and Form 165-02 for Class 3 CIFs.

Given that CySEC shall submit to the European Banking Authority (the ‘EBA’) the supervisory and financial reporting data which the CySEC receives from all CIFs, CySEC has implemented the CySEC XBRL portal in order to be able to accept submissions from CIFs.

The CySEC XBRL portal can be accessed through the main CySEC website through the link CYSEC XBRL PORTAL.

Therefore, all CIFs should:

  1. Register to CySEC’s XBRL portal, following the Manual for Registration by Monday, 30 January 2023 (Username used, should be the CIF’s TRS Code).
  1. Submit their prudential reporting from now on through CySEC XBRL portal (CIFs are advised to follow the instructions in the Manual for Investment Firms Submissions)

Transitional period: The CIFs should continue to submit their prudential forms to CySEC using both systems (current TRS portal and the new CySEC XBRL portal) until the reporting, due on 30th June 2023 (submission due 11th August 2023).

Thereafter, the submissions of the prudential forms will be made only through the CySEC XBRL portal.

The Circular also clarifies that all Class 2 CIFs shall ensure that they proceed with the submission of their prudential reporting through the CySEC XBRL portal by 31 January 2023 for the following dates as per Article 7 of the Decision:

  • 31 March 2022
  • 30 June 2022
  • 30 September 2022

Furthermore, the reporting based on Audited Figures both solo and consolidated, when they deviate from the submitted unaudited figures, shall be submitted to CySEC XBRL Portal only, no later than five months from the end of each financial year.

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